The Golden Rules for Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is different from traditional advertising, but not necessarily more difficult or complex. Use our tips for mobile advertising campaign and assure your success!

You’re using mobile commerce and you have a beautiful mobile website. Complete your mobile marketing plan by effectively using mobile advertising! Just like mobile commerce, people seem to think that mobile advertising is somehow more difficult than traditional advertising. It’s different, yes, but it’s not necessarily more difficult or complex. If you use these tips, rest assured that your mobile advertising campaigns will be more successful than ever before.

Know Your Audience

Marketing’s golden rule applies more than ever when it comes to mobile advertising. You have so many different types of ads to choose from; be smart! Pick the one(s) that make sense for you. Social media advertising, in-app ads, SMS ads, and more. It can feel endless. But here’s the deal: you only need to use the ones that make sense.

Does your audience use their phones to follow people/pages on social media? Consider advertising on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For a better reach, consider using native ads (get other pages to advertise for you, right on their posts!). Then again, your audience might be playing a certain popular mobile game! Buy in-app ads. Remember to only purchase ad space that will reach your target audience.

Use GeoTargeting

Why waste impressions on people who aren’t even in your country? Even if you’re advertising internationally it doesn’t make sense to run the same ad in every market. By using geotargeting, your campaign will be more relevant where it counts and have higher engagement. The ROI on your time here is significant.

Don’t Be Annoying

People love their smartphones and people love to control where, when, and how they interact with ads on their devices. You can use this to your advantage by creating ads that put the user in control. Make your mobile ads opt-in, this way the user decides whether or not to engage. And the users that do engage will be much more likely to be genuine costumers, interested in your business.

To avoid being tacky and irritating, your ads should be easy to dismiss, with a prominent ‘close’ option. You can also design your apps so that the ads only appear when the user is not scrolling – making a much more enjoyable experience.

Keep Them Engaged

If you’ve followed the tips above and people are responding to your ad, you’ll want to keep them interacting with your brand for as long as possible. There are a few great ways to do this, the most popular being video. With a trend towards larger screens, mobile video can be the main act in your ad. To compound the interest, allow users to explore your brand via engaging photo galleries, demonstrations, product showcases, and testimonials.

All of a sudden you have an ad designed for deep user engagement. Keep at it and continue to experiment, over time your results improve!

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