Say Hello to Intango’s New Look and Feel

Change is the only constant in life. Change is also as good as a holiday. These may be cliches but they remind us that change is here to stay. And it’s not all that bad. Great things can happen when you embrace change. And we’re not just saying this because we recently changed our website. Well – maybe a little. 

See we made some serious changes that go beyond the look and feel of our website, and we’re super proud of the results. Welcome to a new and improved Intango. More than just a shiny new website, these changes are part of our broader commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology. Our new website is just one example of how we’re always evolving and are finding new ways to adapt to the needs of our ecosystem and clients.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

There’s nothing simple or predictable about a website redesign. Kind of like formatting a computer; it’s something you should approach with caution and only if necessary. Trust us on that one. Which begs the question: why do it in the first place? While there wasn’t anything wrong with our old site, we felt we’d outgrown it. It no longer captured who we are; what we offer or our unique approach to digital marketing. And so our new site was born.

So what’s new and significant about this new website? Well first off, it’s clean, minimalistic and responsive. We wanted our messaging to be clear so that whoever landed on our website would instantly get what Intango is all about. 

We also tried to change the focus of the site, shifting it from us to you. So instead of focusing on who we are and what we do, we highlight what we can do for you. This means that within a few minutes you should have a good sense of how we can help you achieve your digital marketing goals. Which is also why our capabilities and services sections are displayed so prominently on our homepage. 

What does it mean to be “Born Digital”?

We’re early adopters, trendsetters, and always on the lookout for the latest digital solutions to up our online marketing game. That’s one of the main reasons we decided to feature the phrase “Born Digital” so prominently on our site. Technology and innovation are at the heart of everything we do.

This phrase resonated with us because it says a lot about how we think about digital marketing and the fact that we’re industry leaders and innovators who others follow. Born Digital perfectly captures the fact that in addition to being digital our approach to online marketing is solutions-orientated, innovative and technological.

How are we different?

First and foremost we’re a technology company. In fact, we live, eat and breathe everything technology. It’s in our blood, and it informs how we think about and approache digital marketing. And because we develop our advanced ad-solutions in-house we’re able to tailor these solutions to suit the unique needs of different customers. 

We believe that there’s no such thing as a one size fits all approach to digital marketing and thanks to technology we’re able to offer custom solutions for our different customers. This means that whether you’re a brand, publisher or agency we can offer a tailored solution to help you meet your unique marketing goals. 

Our secret sauce: How do we do it?

Thanks to our proprietary technology we’re able to offer four main services including media services, performance marketing, contextual ads, and demand provide. We rely on big data to offer a complete ad-solution. While all our services harness technology, our performance marketing is particularly unique. 

Relying on our sophisticated ad-solutions we’re able to run tailored and targeted performance marketing campaigns across multiple channels and in a variety of ad formats. 

That’s nice but what now?

We’re excited about our new website not just because we like shiny new things. For us, this is just the first of many impressive changes you can expect to see in the coming months. Think the same Intango quality you’ve come to know and love;  just better! 

And while we can’t give too much away, we can tell you that for starters you may want to keep your eyes on our blog. So until our next blog post – here’s to change and all it brings. We’re excited about this new chapter in the Intango journey. We hope you’ll join us.

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Intango Team • October 24, 2019

Say Hello to Intango’s New Look and Feel

Intango Team • September 11, 20195 mins read