How to Optimize Your Landing Page?

A good landing page can mean big money for you and your company. Often, the best way to gauge what works and what doesn’t is to A/B test two or more different landing pages.

However, this method falls short when you’re working with a low traffic site.  Don’t stress! Use these tips to optimize your low traffic landing page.

Find Your USP

A Unique Selling Point (or USP) is what sets you apart from the crowd. What do you have that your competitors don’t? Studies have shown that you have under two seconds to convince someone to stay on your site. Your USP should be communicated clearly and quickly.

Try to communicate your USP in one of these ways:

  • As a headline
  • As a sub-header or highlighted text underneath the header
  • As a value proposition

If your USP and accompanying visual doesn’t grab the attention of a viewer you will see a high-bounce rate – something you can’t afford on a low traffic site!

Less Is More

Have you ever seen the ad with the button saying ‘Don’t Click Me’? Did you click it? If you didn’t someone else did! The key here is to remove information that competes with your Call To Action (CTA). Take a step back from your page. Where are your eyes drawn? If it’s not to your CTA, remove clutter and reevaluate. Continue refining your landing page until only one thing (your CTA) grabs the attention. That’s all you need to get a potential customer interested.

Refine Your Call To Action

A Call to Action is essentially what you want your viewer to do. Whether it’s buying your product, sign up for your mailing list, or download an eBook, this should be the most prominent feature on your landing page. Consider highlighting the CTA, or using a different color and size of the text. Use short, action words like: ‘Get, Shop, Book, Save, Now, and Free’. Create a sense of value around your CTA; your offer should make the potential customer feel like they are getting a great deal!

Create Urgency

Along with a sense of value, people should feel as though there is a sense of urgency around your CTA. Using phrases such as: ‘don’t miss out, while supplies last, we can’t do this all day, etc.’ encourage people to stay on your landing page and follow through with the CTA.

Foster Trust

You wouldn’t buy something from someone you didn’t trust, and neither would anyone else. Having contact information (phone number, address) and social network links (Facebook, Twitter) easily available on your landing page, fosters a sense of openness and trust between you and the consumer.

Eventually, you’ll have enough traffic to get creative and do some A/B testing. For now, following these tips will get you well on your way to more conversions, better view counts, and a landing page that makes you money.

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