5 Tips To Generate Huge Buzz After You Publish A Blog Post

So you just finished a blog post. Awesome! After all that hard work writing it, you can just hit “Publish,” sit back on your laurels and… not so fast.

You still have a lot of work to do for your post to make the splash you’re dreaming of. This is actually the most important time for you to be actively pushing your work and building your audience. Here are a few tips that are sure to bring tons of attention to your new post.

Start the conversation with a question

End your post with an open-ended question to engage your readers and spark discussion. It encourages your readers to think deeply about what you wrote and, most importantly, to share their ideas. You want to open up your blog as a community where readers can connect with each other. Asking for their thoughts is a great way to do that.

Spread it around

Obviously, you’ll want to share on your social networks.

  • Facebook: Include a few sentences that introduce your post and why readers will benefit from it, and an image – very important! Posts with pictures get much more shares, likes and comments.
  • Twitter: Shorten your URL with Bit.ly, Ow.ly or Cli.gs. And use hashtags: it might double engagement with your post.
  • Reddit: It’s a little offbeat but Reddit gets millions of views, and its users are very active. It can be a traffic goldmine.
  • Niche communities: If your content appeals to a specialized audience, find them on their own platform. The Internet is full of people devoted to every niche topic under the sun – your readers are surely out there.

Some of your best followers might miss your post if they’re offline when you share, so do it more than once. (Just change the headline on Twitter so you don’t get penalized for repeat posts.) You can use tools like Buffer to schedule tweets and posts in advance.

Ask a contact to share your post

If you have a friend who’s in your niche, why not ask them to share your post? It’s a win-win: you get more exposure, and they get to share something cool, making them a source for interesting content in their field. Just make sure your post offers real value to them and their audience, and don’t ask for this favor too often from the same person.

Respond to comments

Once the comments start rolling in, respond to everyone individually. It might be as simple as a “thanks for reading” or an opportunity for a more in-depth dialogue with a reader. If everything goes well, it can get time-consuming responding to all your comments, but it’s worth it. This is how you build a relationship with your readers so they’ll stay engaged.

Reach out to other bloggers

Commenting on other blogs is a tried-and-true way to establish an audience and build rapport within your field, especially if your blog is new. The best time to do this is after you’ve posted something new, since there’s a good chance other bloggers will check out your page after you comment on theirs. It’s especially important to reach out to people who comment on your blog. They have the potential to be regular followers, and you already know they’re interested in connecting with you, so don’t miss the opportunity.


No matter how much time you spend researching and perfecting your text, the time after you post is actually the most important in your blog’s life cycle. Make good use of the next 24 hours to spread your content and engage with your audience. You’ll pave the road for even greater success with your next post.




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