5 Lessons From Batman To Make You An Online Marketing Superhero

Today, Batman is going to teach us about online marketing.

I know, you’re probably thinking either A) wow, this is incredibly geeky, or B) Batman is an undercover vigilante, what does he know about brand awareness?

Surprisingly enough, his story shows a lot about how to succeed as an online marketer. I’ll take you through five aspects of Batman’s story that can help you take your marketing skills to superhero level.

1. Be consistent

Actors come and go, but you can always recognize the Dark Knight. The Bat-Signal, Batmobile, Batcave… wherever Batman goes, he leaves his mark. It’s critical to have a coherent story across many platforms. Your audience should recognize your work immediately, no matter what the format.

Of course, that’s no reason to jump on your first idea and push it everywhere. It takes time to develop a winning message. But once you have something that clicks, integrate your efforts around that concept.

2. Be relatable

Do you know what makes Batman better than Superman? (Yes, we said it.)

Superman doesn’t have to try. He just shows up with all of his over-the-top superpowers and blasts the problem away. Well, he would if he didn’t conveniently forget his more obscure powers half the time. Batman has to work for everything he has. He constantly has to build up his body, his technology and his business to finance it all.

This has to be your attitude has a marketer. Don’t take anything for granted. Always try to improve. And don’t hobble your product with a too-good-to-be-true brand story! Give your customers something believable, that they can relate to.

3. Do your research

Underneath all the muscle, flashy gadgets and testosterone-poisoning growl, is Bruce Wayne actually a giant nerd?

A little bit. Look anywhere in the franchise and you’ll find Batman doing extensive research on his enemies. He never goes in blind. He always knows more and plans better than his (criminal) competition. If it’s good enough for Batman, you can do it too. Don’t skimp on research, planning, testing and analysis. Laying the foundations of your campaign is less glamorous than the creative side, but it’s absolutely essential.

In the long run, when you understand your clients and what your brand means to them, it will actually let you be even more creative.

4. Stand behind your product

Batman is in the game come hell or high water. He has dedicated his whole life to his cause. Being CEO of a major corporation while moonlighting as a superhero is not for the faint of heart (or weak of time management), but he does it gladly because it’s what he believes in.

Be a vendor with integrity, someone who will stand up for their customers and stand behind their product. Customers are looking for that.

Show that your brand is dedicated to providing the best possible product or services to your customers. The more loyal you are to them, the more loyal they will be to you.

5. Embrace your flaws

Not to hate on Superman again but he’s too perfect and it’s annoying. When your hero is a goody-two-shoes with no inner conflict or moral ambiguities, there’s only so much interest you can drum up.

Batman is complicated. He has a dark side. He’s a hero and anti-hero at the same time. Unlikely heroes, with flaws and failings, are always more interesting. So don’t try to be perfect or sell your product as flawless. It’s not. And presenting it this way will make your audience suspicious.

But if it really gives your customers what they need, they’ll love it anyway. A beloved product with bugs is quirky and idiosyncratic – sometimes people prefer a product like this over its slick, overdeveloped corporate counterpart.


The greatest thing about Batman’s story is that it shows the power of integrity and determination.

Online Marketing isn’t about perfection. It’s about offering something that’s perfect for your clients, with their personalities and the problems they’re facing right now. To find what that is, you need to be committed to research and analysis.

To act on what you learn, you need courage and sensitivity. It takes both to give your audience a story that they can relate to and believe in, and ultimately succeed in online marketing.


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