Intango’s Co-Founder and CMO, Felix Leshno Addresses Israel Mobile Summit 2016

Intango’s Co-Founder and CMO, Felix Leshno, will address The Israel Mobile Summit, to be held in Tel Aviv on June 14th.

Leshno will speak on a panel focusing on the subject of “The Rise of Programmatic and Self-Serve“, discussing the issues of viewability and combating mobile ad fraud. Leshno will evaluate what he views as a process that is having a wide-ranging impact on the online marketing field. As a global leader in the digital media tech industry, Intango deepened the study and research of the mobile field, leveraging its own digital assets which include a variety of apps and the website.

Today, 30% of Intango’s media activity is mobile traffic, and the company expects that in the next two years, the mobile arena will take up an even larger segment alongside a general constant increase in the entire media ‘pie’.

About Intango

Intango is a global leader in the digital media tech industry, and one of the dominant companies in the field. Established in 2008, Intango started out as a technology company that developed algorithms and analysis solutions for digital advertising and online marketing. Intango offers an extensive range of groundbreaking technological solutions for ad optimization and monetization designed for web and mobile, developed by its own R&D team.

Intango’s solutions include a variety of performance-based ads as well as Self-Service platforms for advertisers and publishers, video expertise and XML/RTB supporting ads for extra optimization. Intango serves over 20,000 direct publishers. It has 2 billion ad impressions every day and tens of millions of active users worldwide.

Two of the company’s highly popular products are: – Self-service platforms for advertisers
RevenueHits – Self-service platforms for publishers

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