Tactics vs. Strategy: How Many Leads Did Your Marketing Efforts Actually Generate?

Measuring the Success of Account-Based Marketing Programs

It is generally true, in the world of account-based marketing programs, that the metrics that are most valuable are those that can be directly connected to revenue. When it comes to account-based marketing programs, legacy metrics are mere cogs in the wheel – a part of the overall strategy. The more significant information is what relates to the ability to measure the impact of your marketing programs directly to the pipeline. It is not the pieces of the puzzle but the end result that really matters.

An account-based marketing program is designed with the goal of connecting your efforts to the pipeline and to conversion. It’s this kind of information that, usually,is of interest to the management –metrics that reflect increased ROI. The bottom line: When your orientation is on the account level, you can tie marketing efforts directly to a metric like company growth. Therefore, you want to be able to show the impact of your marketing programs per account.

Moving toward Conversion 

Account-based marketing –particularly when it runs as always-on programs – provides a more holistic view. You can watch each account moving toward conversion; you can view how each metric is operating, and you can gain an understanding of what each tactic is accomplishing.

Account-based marketing offers a framework in which you can determine the impact of specific programs to the pipeline. If your lead generation program, for example, includes both targeted advertising and content syndication – you can provide an account-level view of all metrics through the funnel, and keep an eye on the prize: your company’s success.

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