Everyone Deserves a Second Chance

Would you like to double your conversion rates? Before you categorically deny this as a real option, check out remarketing.

According to recent studies, over 90% of marketers found remarketing to be highly successful. Depending on how targeted you are with audience lists and campaign types, remarketing can make that magical difference to your CRO —and dramatically improve your bottom line.

The Stats are Simply Bewitching

Remarketing works. Because these ads remind individuals about the products they already reviewed on your site, conversion rates are surprisingly high. Returning visitors are probably going to engage with your site more extensively than new visitors do, especially if you refine your audience to include only those individuals who visited specific product pages or put items into their carts.

Studies show that approximately 70% of shoppers abandon their carts. With remarketing, you can turn these abandoners back into leads. You can give yourself the opportunity to make a second impression—and lead your visitors all the way to conversion.

If a Genie Granted You Three Wishes…

Remarketing is crucial to any comprehensive marketing strategy. It empowers you to increase conversion rates by means of three strategic “wins”:

01 | You reach the individuals who are most interested in your product.

The way it works (in a nutshell) is that visitors to your site or mobile app are tagged, and you can then remarket to them. What makes this significant is the fact that you are usually able to reach the vast majority of people you tag. You’ll have a wide reach using remarketing, and networks like Facebook and Twitter give you highly precise targeting. The result: You successfully reconnect with people who already have an interest in your product or service.

02 | You reinforce your messaging at every opportunity.

With remarketing ads, you remind recent website visitors to complete the purchase (or other action) that you want them to complete. Remarketing allows you to “follow” them around the Internet…while they check their Facebook feed, watch videos on YouTube, or look at email. At each juncture, you have an opportunity to emphasize your messaging and remind them of their interest in making a purchase.

03 | You increase brand exposure—and with the people who care about it most.

Remarketing ads keep your brand in the minds of people who are already engaged, to some degree, with your business. Remarketing gives you a window of opportunity to further increase that engagement. For example, you can leverage remarketing ads and provide leads with various opportunities to complete a series of small conversions—perhaps to sign up for an email, watch a webinar, or download an eGuide. Each of these is a small step on the way to making a larger purchase.

 Not Just an Illusion

Remarketing is at least as effective as email, search, and other display campaigns – if not more effective. So if you are working on CRO for your website, remarketing is the ideal strategy to adopt – enabling you to target individuals who already visited your website, but did not yet make a purchase. You can display ads of products that recent visitors viewed, as well as current offers, thereby driving interested visitors back to your website.

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